Tiny Love Super Mat Meadow Activities Carpet

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giant blanket for the baby play and relax, which helps develop their senses and abilities.
Recommended age: from 0 to 12 months.
Extra wide.
Help the baby's development: cognitive, senses, motor skills and imagination and creativity.
Toy tree: to play to hide esconde-.
gentle fun textures.
Mirror: To extend tummy time down.
Extra ring: to put more toys.
off button and smooth handle: to pack and carry easily.
Toy Fox Tail: with etiquetasPode noise wash the blanket on the machine.
Biter shaped carrots: easy to grab.
Pocket to play the hide and seek.
bright satin ribbons.
Parents can also lie down on the blanket with the baby.
Dimensions: 150 x 100 cm.

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