Baby Bottle Nuk Nature Sense Summer Silicone 260ml 6-18m

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The teat has several small holes, inspired by the milk ducts of the breast mother who offer babies a familiar sensation in power with the bottle and, above all, allow a natural flow of milk.
The area of ​​support for lips, wider and flexible, similar to mother's nipple, allows the baby to control the flow of naturally milk.
At the same time, the innovative anti-colic valve allows the baby to drink without breaks, preventing the intake air.
The results of recent studies are promising: 92% of babies accept this new teat inspired by nature, 99% of mothers would recommend this bottle to other mothers, and 98% of midwife and pediatricians confirm the smoothness and a very similar feeling to that afforded by the breast the mother.
The bottle NUK Nature Sense is made of polypropylene (pp) and BPA-free.
The wide-mouth facilitates handling and cleaning.
The protective cover of the bottle protects the small holes of the teat which makes it also practical for use outside the home & ndash; dispensing a second security cover.

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