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Save €1,39
Medela Tube Swing Maxi Flex
Save €3,29
Medela Top Easy Extraction
Save €1,02
Medela Swing Tube Flex
Save €2,69
Medela Set Collection and Food
Save €2,69
Medela Starter Kit Breastfeeding
Save €3,69
Medela Supplementary Nutrition System
Save €1,15
Medela PersonalFit Flex Protective Nipple 21mm x2
Save €1,45
Medela bags conservation milk 180ml x 50 units
Save €0,89
Medela bags conservation milk 180ml x 25 units
Save €1,25
Medela Quick Clean Sterilization Bag X5 Microwave
Save €1,15
Medela bottle bottle 150ml x3
Save €0,99
Medela Pack Membrane Valve
Save €1,15
Medela bottle bottle 250ml x2
Save €0,93
Medalla cup sucking x10
Lansinoh Breast milk bags x25
Save €2,09
PersonalFit Connector Medela Flex
Save €2,10
Chicco Skin to Skin Protector Nipple S M
Save €2,58
Chicco Maternity Shell Milk Collector x2
Save €2,38
Chicco maternity black absorbent discs x60

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