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Professional Counselling

All information present on our website or any information provided by our collaborators by phone, email, fax, letter or by any other means of communication, has the solely commercial goal of informing and helping the Client when shopping, never dismissing expert or medical counseling, when applicable.

Product Information

Product images on our website may not be exactly the same as the products delivered to the Client. Information on products is given by the manufacturer, therefore we are not liable for the information that is made available to us.

Out of stock

In case there is a temporary out of stock situation, the client's order will be placed on hold until its delivery can be processed. The Client will be informed at the registered email when this happens. In case your order includes products of immediate and non-immediate availability, you can split your order. To do this, please contact our Customer Support Service so that both orders are delivered separately.

Specials & Vouchers

You can periodically find at the store specials and vouchers launched on the website.

Rules for Using Vouchers:

• You can only use one per purchase;

• Additional instructions (messages) will appear when inserting the voucher's code in the shopping cart;

• If you need any additional information, do not hesitate in contacting our Customer Support Service. store is reserved for the right of changing its specials and vouchers policy at any moment.

VAT and Pricing

Product prices on our website include VAT. Client purchases made outside the European Union are not subject to VAT. There may be a need for charging additional services to postage fees, depending on the products and delivery area. Prices are subject to changes without previous notice.

Buying and Selling

a. All purchase, delivery, payment and return terms of orders placed by the user via the ASFO website are described on the How to OrderBuying MedicinesDispatching OrdersPayment Methods and Cancelling, Exchanges and Returns documents. 

b. Sousa Torres Pharmacy commits itself in making a continuous effort to maintain all the website's mentioned information as correct and updated as possible, mainly pricing, features, delivery and payment methods, descriptions, presentations or others. Notwithstanding, there may momentarily occur unexpected errors as temporary changes in service conditions, glitches or other bugs, sudden supplier pricing fluctuation, computer failures or the intervention of unknown factors to Sousa Torres Pharmacy.

c. As such, whenever the above-mentioned errors or other interference in the order process carried out by the user or in one's pending orders, particularly in changing the final price and delivery or payment conditions, Sousa Torres Pharmacy will directly contact the user as soon as possible, by email or phone, to inform one and explain such changes and assess the accepting of new conditions.

d. Sousa Torres Pharmacy requests the user the reporting of eventual errors that one might find, as well as the sending of suggestions or feedback via email ( or by any other means of contact shown on the website, to which we will try to answer in the most appropriate manner and as soon as possible.

End of Agreement

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