What are cookies?

Cookies are files that contain fragments of information that are downloaded from your device when you visit a website.

What are cookies for?

They help the website memorize information about your visits, such as your preferred language and other settings. This can make your next visit easier and make the website more useful to you. Cookies play an important role. Without them, using the web would be a much more frustrating experience. Cookies increase the efficiency of website navigation. Surely you already added an item to a shopping cart in an online store, and after a few days, when you returned to the website, did you find that the item was still in your cart? This is one of the examples of cookie usage.

Why are cookies used?

The use of cookies on the internet is normal and does not harm all users' computers. Cookies perform a number of functions, including assisting website owners in understanding how it is being used by providing their navigation, including saving their preferences and generally improving their user experience and also to ensure that website shows you relevant content.

What type of cookies do we use?

Our site uses the following types of cookies: Permanent cookies - These are cookies that are stored at the browser level on your access devices (pc, mobile, and tablet) and are used whenever you revisit one of our websites. Session cookies - These are temporary cookies that remain in your browser's cookie file until you leave the website. The information obtained by these cookies serves to analyze web traffic patterns, allowing us to identify problems and provide a better browsing experience.