Oral Hygiene

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Gum Paroex Elixir Prevention 500ml
Gum unitust smooth brush 308
Gum expanding dental thong 2030 30m
Gum Trav-Read Brush 1412
Gum Trav-Read Brush 1312
Gum Ortho Dental 3220
Curaprox Prime Plus Handy 09
Curaprox perio Plus Balance 200ml
Colgate Periogard Plus Elixir 400ml
Save €2,50
Chicco pink electric brush +3 years
Save €2,50
Chicco Blue Electric Brush +3 Years
Curaprox Travel Kit Be You Explorer
Woobambo dental thread 37m
Vitis Orthodontic Brush Teeth
Vitis Orthodontic Access toothbrush
Vitis Junior Gel Tutti Frutti 75ml
Vitis Orthodontic Elixir 500ml
Umgo Filmogel 6ml
Urgo Herpes Labial Filmogel 3ml
Umgo Shoulder Spray 15ml
Tepe Implant Care Brush
Bucal solution Aloclair plus 60ml

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