There are several advantages to buying online: You can make your purchase at any time or day (24 hours / 7 days per week / 365 days per year); Delivery of the products you order at home or at the address you indicate; Low prices and unique opportunities to access exclusive promotions; Through our database, and after your first purchase, the purchase process is facilitated for future purchases.

No. Registration is not mandatory, but it will bring you unique advantages!  Access to campaigns and special offers: you will receive coupons, offers, discounts and news in your registration email! Faster purchase: just fill out our membership form once, in future purchases or your data will be automatically registered. Order history: you can always check the purchases you made.

We commercialize all the products usually available in pharmacies: prescription drugs; Over-the-counter medications, cosmetic and hygiene products, food supplements, orthopedics, among others. If you do not find what you need, please contact us!

With each order an invoice of the products purchased is sent.

When your order is finished, you will receive an automatic response informing you that it is already being processed.

Yes. During the purchase proceed as follows: On the page where the purchase ends select the option "Send for different addresses" This way you can change and indicate the address in which you wish to receive your order. This procedure does not alter the billing address.

There is no minimum order value.

At the end of the purchase process, and in the case of light products / medications without a prescription, the system informs the value to be paid, which includes any rebates and postage (if applicable) In case of acquiring mandatory prescription drugs, you will subsequently receive an email with the final value, which will include co-participation and discounts.

The Sousa Torres SA pharmacy complies with a strict privacy policy. Your data will not be under any circumstances provided to third parties without your knowledge and consent. The use of the https: // format guarantees the security of the transfer of information and data online.

Taking into account that the payment method depends on the chosen delivery mode, within the possible payment options, you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

When you fill in the payment information, a secure link is established between your browser and Hipay, the company that makes the payment transaction. The server used is secure, with strong encryption, in order to guarantee the security of the payment data as soon as they are being downloaded. In the payment by Credit Card, the name of the cardholder will be requested, the expiration date is a security code, found in the card's verse, on the right side of the space reserved for the signature of the card. holder, consisting of three digits, the CVV (verification code). Making this Purchase procedure more secure, we require that, in the use of a Credit Card, dial the 3 or 4 digits of the security code (CVV). As the code is part of the card, any fraud attempt is safely prevented.

In case you intend to do it, do it as quickly as possible. To guarantee cancellation, you must contact Customer Support to confirm if it is still for dispatch. In case it has already been issued, it will not be possible to consider cancellation.