Beaba Bib 912 692 Blue Night Express

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New model - Bottle warmers - New generation
Simple, intuitive, compact and safe, the Bib'Expresso® makes your life easier, especially the middle of the night!
Heats the water in record time and places it directly in the bottle. You can also control the temperature according to his choice (22 or 37 °).
Practical for a bottle ready in 30 seconds, without the baby wait.
The fastest on the market: hot water in 30 seconds to avoid waiting for the baby.
Simple and intuitive to prepare a bottle with one hand.
bath function to heat bottles and baby bottles.
heated water dispensing directly into the bottle, with a simple touch of the finger: Practical and easy to use.
Direct control of water temperature with two possible options, 22 and 37 ° C: ensures accurate temperature and adapted.
Removable bath function: to heat bottles and weak everywhere.
removable and plug-in base part: a compact design very useful for storage and handling.

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