Avène Couvrance Stick Broker

Avène SKU: 6425363

Color: #b1c5ab
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Ostick yellow Couvrance broker allows conceal imperfections bluish: varicosities, bruises or traumatic and postoperative bluish dark circles (yellow neutralizes blue).
Neutralized and conceals severe skin imperfections. No perfume, no preservatives, no parabens. High fixing: resistant to water and sweat. anti-UV protection (SPF 20l) to protect from sunlight. Application facilitated by its practical and safe presentation. It is used without reservation in skin imperfections of sensitive skin. effectively neutralizes the coloring excesses thanks to its power of intense coverage: The yellow color corrects the excess blue color (dark circles).
Apply a base (day cream) and let penetrate. Remove the color with your fingertip. Apply in imperfection with little touches. Blurring gently with the finger. Then apply the compact cream with a light touch not to delete the hotfix.

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